Thursday, January 8, 2009

Parenting is a Ministry, Session 1

Last night, we started a new parenting video study series at church. We are using a curriculum called, "Parenting is a Ministry," with Pastor Craig Caster. We will be meeting on the first and third Wednesday of each month. If you'd like to do the video series with us, you can actually see the videos and get the study guide online at:

As I watched, I was reminded of the brutal truth: when we "get crazy" on our kids (responding in ungodly anger towards their negative behaviors), it isn't because they "make us act that way." It's that God is using them to bring out what is already on the inside of us so that we can face it and ask Him to deal with it. Like Emerson Eggerichs put it in "Love & Respect,"....if you crush rose petals, you get a wonderful fragrance....if you step on a skunk, it'll stink every time! :)

I also loved the fresh insight gained from his explaination of Moses striking the rock rather than speaking to it...good stuff!

If you're interested, check out the video, and comment to let us know what you gleaned from watching.

Jesus, please help me today as I seek to reflect Your glory into the lives of my kids.

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