Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Post--What am I Doing Here?

I grew up, the attentive firstborn of four children, in a home with two parents who, while certainly imperfect as all human parents are, fell completely in love with Jesus during the course of my childhood. We went from being a "good all-American family," to a family firmly established on the solid foundation of Christ Jesus. For that, I give God all the praise!

I grew up in typical American church culture, and while I wouldn't trade that Bible teaching for anything, I have come to recognize the importance of THE HOME, even more than the Church, in reaching children for Christ.

I have come to realize that more than just pouring Biblical Truth into children during Sunday and Wednesday meetings and Vacation Bible School, the Church's real responsibility goes deeper. Scripture tells us that a primary function of church leaders is to EQUIP the Saints for the work of the ministry--and what greater ministry do we have than our ministry to the little people we tuck into bed at night?

In order to successfully reach children for God's Kingdom, the Church must equip parents to minister effectively in their own homes. Concerning truly Godly parenting, in most cases, the ball was dropped so long ago, that today most folks don't even know what "the ball" looks like!We must go through much training and long hours in Driver's Ed before we are able to actually get a driver's license and drive a vehicle alone in the United States. Yet, before we are able to have children, most of us go through no formal training whatsoever. I have found some links online that contain very helpful resources for parents who are looking to sharpen their parenting skills to the glory of God. I hope you find my posted links as helpful as I have!

I do not claim to have arrived in my parenting. I am still learning and being equipped myself, but this blog is simply a bunch of postings of things I've learned along the way as I've enjoyed a BRIEF stint as a school teacher and served in church children's ministry for a decade...and as I am now, by God's grace, mothering the children God has entrusted to me.

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