Thursday, March 19, 2009

Real Children's Ministry via Compassion International

I have heard Shaun Groves speak online a number of times, and I had the privilege of listening to him speak at Travis Cottrell's live recording at First Baptist, Woodstock, GA, earlier this year! Amazing man of God with a heart to serve and to ways that are far from "status quo" or "comfortable."

Shaun is passionate about bringing forth God's Kingdom through REAL children's ministry...reaching children and their families (and many of them are children WITHOUT earthly families) who are living in total poverty in some of the dirtiest, scariest places in the world! Shaun is a spokesperson for an organization called Compassion International, which is funded via child sponsorships that help to provide food, clothing, medical care, education, and most importantly, the Truth of Christ, to these desperate, hurting children.

Shaun has teamed up with some other well-known bloggers for a trip to India, where they will be ministering and blogging to raise awareness of God's work in India through Compassion International. Be sure to check out the blog on a regular basis: